The Adventures of the Frog Prince

The Adventures of the Frog Prince

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The Adventures of the Frog Prince is a new take on an old fairy tale.

Prince Leo had problems.  He had been turned into a frog and turfed out of his castle.

He is currently stuck in a moat and is trying to come to terms with being small, green and surprisingly springy.

Now he must learn to walk all over again and avoid being eaten, as he finds his way back to the castle to find out who wants him out of the way and why.


what an imagination has this author, to so well view events from within the perspective of a frog!

A cute take on the classic fairy tale, The Frog Prince

The banter was witty and funny between the characters.

This is a funny and fast moving tale written in a style which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Delightful Fairy Tale-Full of Wisdom for All Ages

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